Saturday, February 13, 2016


2016 - done!

Well done to the participants of the 2016 Waitangi Pub Crawl!  There was an estimated 5000+ of you that attended and once again, NO arrests or any reported trouble occurred on the day.
In fact not one complaint was received by any of the pub crawl team!

What makes this crawl so different than others is that it has no organisers. Nobody runs it. This is an organic event that has run for 33 years and has the full support of the Met Police and Transport for London (TFL).   It is to our credit that we have such a well behaved crowd every year and we have very little trouble.  We have been told that in the last 4 crawls, we have had 1 arrest!  Compare this to the event in New Zealand, or any similar event in NZ (like the sevens etc) and you'll see a lot of arrests.

So... did we survive the media?  In 2012 we had a guy make up allegations about the crawl which he was slammed for by the over 9000 who attended as well as the media, who first were excited to pour negativity on the event, only to turn around and "almost" apologise for it.  As a result, pub crawl reporting has been much more positive thanks to journalists attending the event or participating in it to see how well it goes.

This year we did pretty well....

The NZ Herald added a video as well as a positive story.

Newshub (TV3) did some good coverage, trying to interview some very jolly "tipsy" Kiwis about the flag change!

However there is (once again) Stuff (Fairfax) who decided it was a far better idea to make us look bad. The headline and article tried to compare our enjoyment to the "embarrassing" behaviour back in NZ.    We complained to Stuff for the made up story and they stood by it.  The moral of the story is that Fairfax and Stuff will always see the value in negative stories, even if blatant lies, to get the clicks they want.   When we spoke out about this, other people fronted up to us with their own Fairfax horror stories about stories they had run that were either complete fabrications or quotes stolen from Facebook pages without interviewing them.

All we can say is that if they call us for a story we will give them the same respect as they give the Kiwi community in London.

All that aside, we are excited for 2017.  The date is set for Saturday February 4!  10am.

See you in 2017!!!

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