Saturday, October 29, 2016


2017.... already!

We're back! 2016 was awesome and it's time to lock in our date for 2017 which is Saturday Feb 4th!

Looks like the 2017 will be a repeat of some of the others we have had in the last few years and TFL have shut down the Circle Line, lol.  This makes no difference to the event aside from the fact that we will walk the route (or some cheaters will jump on another tube) on our way to Westminster.
The years we walk turn into awesome street parties and 2017 will be no different!  We only find that a few people forget to pace themselves and miss the 4pm Haka so plan accordingly!

More updates the closer we get to the date, but if this is your first time, have a look at some of the articles on this blog from other years and get excited!!!!  

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