Thursday, January 26, 2012


My meeting with the NZ High Commissioner (updated for 2015)

In 2012 we went to the NZ High Commission, situated in none other than NZ House to meet the Derek Leask - the High Commissioner to London at that time. (now currently looked after by the very able Sir Lockwood Smith) - for a cup of coffee and a chat to fill him in on the event.

It was a good meeting as I got to hear about the good work our high commission gets up to while here in London, especially in regards to immigration. I know most of you understand that the Visa rule changes for us coming to the UK have been sometimes frustrating - however they have been working hard on this to make life easier for us!

I asked for some words of wisdom from them to share with you all and they responded with: "The New Zealand High Commission in London supports a responsible, safe and respectful celebration by the New Zealand community in London to honour the occasion."

Lets try and keep to the spirit of these words!  If I have any update from Sir Lockwood, I will let you know!

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